Governance system

COIMA REM pays particular attention to the implementation of a system of rules for corporate governance, equipping itself with the tools necessary for overseeing the management and command of company activities.

COIMA REM has implemented heightened standards of behaviour, inspired by the principles of transparency and integrity, adopting a responsible approach, and guaranteeing reliability to investors and the community.

Ethical Code

COIMA REM’s values – its guiding light in the quest to achieve its goals – are clearly and transparently set out. COIMA REM Ethical code articulates the principles of corporate behaviour which the company has recognized and adopted; all its employees, contractors and business partners are required to respect those principles.

COIMA REM sets great store by ethical and social responsibility in the conduct of business, and undertakes to act in accordance with the legitimate interests of its stakeholders and of the communities where it operates.

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Model of Organization 231

COIMA REM has strengthened its corporate governance by establishing a Model of Organization under the Corporate Malpractices Act, Legislative Order 231/2001, and by setting up additional means of safeguarding its corporate reputation.

Specifically, COIMA REM continuously identifies sensitive matters and areas of its business where criminal offences constitute a risk; it has instituted formal control arrangements, adopted ethical principles of conduct to prevent such offences, and appointed a Supervisory Body to ensure that the Model is effective, implemented in practice and constantly kept up to date; it has put a training plan in place for the staff of risk-prone areas; and, lastly, it has set up a disciplinary system providing for sanctions in the event of any failure to implement the Model.

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Quality Certification

COIMA REM, attributes an intrinsic value of improvement of the customer experience to the Quality Management System, believing that a qualified technical experience is critical to the process of creating value for the client. COIMA REM was certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 in 2005.

COIMA REM implements constantly the rationalization of internal processes and the standardization of procedures, equipping itself with tools that help to monitor the organization and meet the expectations of investors and stakeholders.


As to internal reports

a. in electronic form, by connecting to the portal and selecting COIMA REM Srl (for all reports except those relating to the Whistleblowing Manager)
b. in paper form, for the attention of the Compliance Department Manager — Piazza Gae Aulenti, 12, 20124 Milan MI. In view of the confidential registration of the report by the Whistleblowing Manager, it is necessary for the report to be inserted in two closed envelopes: the first with the whistle-blower's identification data and a photocopy of the identification document; the second with the report, in order to separate the whistle-blower's identification data from the report. Both envelopes must then be inserted into a third sealed envelope bearing on the outside the words "Strictly confidential. Reserved to the Whistleblowing Manager”, in order to guarantee maximum confidentiality; in case of use of this channel, the whistle-blower must indicate in the communication a postal or email address to which the Whistleblowing Manager can provide proof of receipt of the Report and provide the relevant feedback pursuant to Article 5, Legislative Decree 24/2023 as indicated below.

As to external reports

a. if destined for ANAC (for violation of European Union provisions), please refer to the internet address
b. if destined for CONSOB (for violations of the TUF), please refer to the internet address

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