Property Management

The Property Management business unit addresses customers and investors who require specialised management of complex assets, maintaining the property value over time, ensuring objectives and results in energy efficiency and reducing real estate investment risks, particularly in the office, commercial, residential and logistics sectors.
The installation of systems with progressively more complex technologies in new developments requires in-depth technical knowledge in plant management. The Property team combines these skills in the Technical Competence Centre of Building Engineering, consisting of specialised engineers dedicated to:

  • updating maintenance standards and
  • optimising plant performance through analysis, monitoring and fine-tuning of operating logics and parameters.

The Property team’s commitment to guaranteeing the highest property management standards involves a rigorous selection of the best Service Providers through competitive tendering, with the assistance of COIMA REM’s Procurement team, and a close collaboration to:

  • share each other’s skills and expertise to keep ahead of the latest market innovations;
  • work side by side to develop highly customised services for stakeholders;
  • trigger a virtuous circle, under COIMA principles, to cooperate in achieving ESG objectives.

The quality of the services of the property management business unit is guaranteed by integrating the Sustainability & Product Innovation team, which defines the guidelines for operational management while respecting the environment and sustainability rules. Energy consumption optimisation is one of the main drivers, within the energy management activities, together with the selection of energy suppliers that predominantly use highly sustainable energy sources. This is why the Property team has its energy management division.

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ESG Management




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Digital Multimeters and Cloud Platform

We install digital multimeters to monitor consumption in communal areas and leased spaces, directly connected to our energy monitoring cloud platform.

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We measure the carbon footprint Scope 1, 2 and 3

We measure the carbon footprint:

  • Scope 1: Direct emissions
  • Scope 2: Indirect emissions
  • Scope 3: Indirect value chain emissions (leased space).


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Reducing carbon footprint

We reduce carbon footprint through energy efficiency plans, BMS management services and support in purchasing energy from renewable sources..


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Transition Risk & Decarbonisation Plans

We calculate the transition risk by positioning the asset against the EU-defined decarbonisation curve and develop asset decarbonisation plans.

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Reporting according to Scope 1, 2 and 3

We help draft the sustainability report, providing the necessary data for reporting on carbon dioxide emissions.


Building engineering: the cutting edge in technical management


COIMA is developing an “on top” supervision system to BMS installed in individual buildings for centralised control through a platform, which provides:

  • a single interface, for carrying out comparative analyses of the data collected in the buildings under management, grouped by cluster;
  • a single database for developing detailed analyses for finding solutions to increase building energy efficiency.


To optimise the systems’ performance, COIMA provides a specialised BMS management service for updating and refining the system's setting logics and operating parameters, guaranteeing an average energy saving of 10 per cent.


The Building Engineering team researches and develops innovative technical property management solutions such as, the introduction of AI algorithms for system management, to reduce electricity consumption and prolong equipment life.